Penny Arcade, the organizers of PAX Unplugged, have just sent over a ginormous list of the confirmed exhibitors who will be attending their inaugural event (from November 17th – 19th) and it’s rather impressive.

If you had any worries that the scheduling conflict with BGG.CON 2017 was going to have an effect on exhibitor attendance, it looks as though those fears were misguided as there are OVER 130 confirmed exhibitors (and counting).

Updated 11/10/17: Removed a couple and added many as well as links and booth numbers.

Click here to view the full expo hall map.

Here is the current list of nearly 200 Confirmed PAX Unplugged 2017 Exhibitors (in alphabetical order):

This being an iOS-centric website, I’m not sure how much/if there will be any digital board gaming represented at the show (seeing as it is ‘UNPLUGGED’ after all), though a number of these publishers DO offer mobile versions of their tabletop games.

I really hope that it’s a big success for PAX organizers and the exhibitors as well as it certainly looks like a fun weekend of tabletop gaming!

If you are a game developer and publisher interested in exhibiting at PAX Unplugged 2017 and you are not already on this extensive list, you can contact the PAXUnplugged team.

It appears that all badge levels are still available so if you want to attend, go ahead and purchase badges here.