It seems that HiT Entertainment has decided to take over publishing responsibilities for a number Thomas The Tank Engine and Angelina Ballerina iOS Apps that were previous developed and published by Callaway Digital Arts.

Last Thursday, the HiT launched their own versions of a total of five existing iOS apps. It is unclear why the change was made, if it was the end of a licensing deal, or if HiT bought the publishing rights to these titles, but either way, it is a BIG WIN for consumers, as all five of these apps (which previous sold for as much as $5.99 each under Callaway’s tenure as publisher) are currently completely FREE.

I have no idea if these prices will change, so obviously if you have kids, DOWNLOAD THESE APPS ASAP!

My daughters really love the apps, especially my younger one. Each of the Thomas apps is a nicely narrated storybook version of one of the Thomas movies, complete with interactive elements. They also contain other activities like puzzles and more.