saleIt’s a great time of year for gamers, no matter your platform of choice..

Today at 1pm EST, Steam is kicking off its massively popular annual Steam Summer Sale.

While Steam is strictly for PC, Mac and Linux platforms, like we saw last year, the effects of the Steam Summer Sale can be felt on mobile platforms as well, since publishers tend to put many of their multi-platform titles on sale on ALL available platforms, including iOS .

Even prior to the official launch of Steam’s sale, the iOS App Store is already seeing quite a few notable price drops, the vast majority of which are PC to iOS ports.
Coincidence…perhaps, but just enjoy the sales.

Keep checking back on this post as we’ll be updating it regularly as we see more notable price drops.









Note that App Store prices fluctuate frequently and there can be some propagation delay, so the prices above may not be correct. Always make sure that the price is correct before clicking 'BUY'.