jones-on-fire_576520314_ipad_03It is going to be another fun lineup of iOS games tonight, especially for those of you that love endless runners…we’ve got a number of them.

Kicking things off with a couple of free-to-play titles, the first of which Jones On Fire, is a quirky 8/16-bit, chiptune/dubstep infused endless/mission/level-based running game starring a firefighter (and cat-lover) named Emma Jones who must avoid fires while saving as many kittens as possible. Next up is another of Retro Dreamer’s smaller casual games. The first new game in the Sneezies franchise in quite some time, Sneezies Match plays very similarly to the studio’s Socks game. Players must find and tap matching Sneezies, and each Sneezie you free, charges one of your power ups, which can help you earn higher scores and collect more coins which can be used to purchase in-game upgrades or accessories for your Sneezies. Looks like a fun freebie for the kids.

astro-shark-hd_603103507_ipad_03As for paid apps, there are a wide variety of price points in our notable new releases this week. Starting at 99¢ you can pick up Astro Shark<, a beautifully illustrated space-bound game of evasion featuring animals, rockets and grappling hooks. Believe it or not, here's the game's hilariously crazy back story: A whale shark is in love with a Russian space dog named Laika, who has been kidnapped by men and sent into space. The love-sick shark travels to the ends of the Universe, fleeing from his pursuers in his romantic quest to be reunited with his one true love. Forest Moon Games is often the purveyor of unique titles and their newest publishing effort Knitted Deer, falls squarely into that category. An endless runner with a one-of-a-kind graphical style that gives the game an appearance like it is playing out on someone’s knitted holiday sweater. Also featuring an 8-bit soundtrack (Yay!), there is a lot about this title that is giving me a warm and cozy feeling, despite some fairly bloody looking action. Can’t wait to check it out.

Chillingo elevates the tower defense genre to a “godly scale” in their new 360 degree 3D defense game Fury of the Gods that lets you rein down hell-fire on your once faithful followers.

sonic-dash_582654048_ipad_01As you may recall, a couple days ago we mentioned that SEGA was going to be releasing a Sonic-themed endless runner called Sonic Dash…well the (not-so-long) wait is over and this 3rd person endless runner will certainly be THE must-have game when it hits the store tonight.

Tonight also sees the release of a cute-looking platformer called Cling!, in which you play as Edgar, a vending machine toy who’s plastic capsule got broken on the way out. Trapped, he must now escape through a maze of hazards to reach the eagerly awaiting hands of his pint-sized owner, who will probably just break him within the first few minutes of playing with him anyways, but let’s just keep that a secret from Edgar.

Finally, rounding out new releases is a rather dark 3D shooter offering from offering from Bulkypix appropriately called Journey to Hell. In a world overrun with demonic creatures, it is up to you as a member of the secret “Holy Shield” organization to save mankind and destroy these unholy beasts. With a heart-thumping original soundtrack by metal band,The Slaughters and plenty of badass weaponry, this one should satisfy any gamers’ bloodlust. Journey to Hell is on sale for a special launch price of $3.99 for the first few days.

There are some trailers for nearly all of these games on the second page of this post for those of you who are interested.

Let us know which of these games you’ll be picking up tonight when these (and more) new releases go live at 11pm EST.

Go to the second page of this post to watch the trailers for all of these games.