tv-appWelcome to another episode of the podcast…

Join us this week as Trevor and I battle an evil overseer by deciphering clues, and tracking down terrorists while filming a documentary about cats with special abilities.

We start the show with a discussion of Apple’s reduced commission rates (15% vs the usual 30%) for media streaming apps which support Apple’s upcoming one-stop TV app.

For new apps, we take a look at the nature video app Attenborough Story of Life.

Then it is new games time, with a look a four recent game releases.

First we fire our way through 10tons Ltd’s dual-stick shooter, Neon Chrome. We go on a feline frenzy with the retro platformer Super Cat Tales. We decipher literary clues with the narrative puzzle game unWorded. Finally we discuss Replica, an immersive and unique mobile port.

We hope you enjoy the episode.


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