cat-stickerOne of the most fun parts of iOS 10 is all of the updates to iMessage, one of which was the addition of STICKERS.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes when messaging, the quickest way to get your point across, convey a feeling, or just get a reaction from the other party is through a properly selected sticker.

Since the iOS update we see what seems like hundreds of new sticker apps getting released each week. Sifting through that many sticker apps can be a bit daunting, so I figured I’d highlight some of the fun new sticker packs which caught my eye over the past week or so.

taco-stickerStarting with a free pack, we have, Let’s Taco Bout It, a pack of absolutely adorable, expressive cartoon tacos from designer Ryan Saunders. These cute little stickers are perfect not only for Tuesdays, but any day of the week.

hex-stickerIf you love puns as much as I do, then you are gonna LOVE these next two sticker packs from designer Regis Frey. With Halloween less than a week away, you can get into the holiday spirit with gems like “HEXcellent”, “GOURD-geous” and more in the Pun Pals: Howl-O-Ween pack. Once you see these great pun stickers you will definitely want his earlier Pun Pals pack that is suitable for use, anytime of the year.

meeple-stickerBoard gaming fans are going to want to check out artist Frank Wimmer’s whimsical Meepmoticons collection of 20+ Meeple-shaped stickers depicting all sorts of funny emotions. Next time you are messaging back and forth arranging a game night, use these stickers for some added fun.

infinity-stickerFinally, if you’ve every wondered what it’d be like to be The God King while playing the Infinity Blade series, well now’s your chance. Chair’s new Infinity Blade Sticker Pack contains 24 original stickers featuring characters, items, and icons from across the Infinity Blade universe. Attach them to photos to dress up as iconic characters from the series, complete with sword (of course). Or can always send your buddy a bag of loot or even an animated crying troll?!