Today, One Man Left, the two-man development studio behind the amazingly awesome, Tilt to Live, have finally revealed some details regarding their next game project.

‘Game II’, as it’s been dubbed, will be a multiplayer-focused, turn-based strategy game “for everyone”. What this means is that “you won’t have to play a 25 minute tutorial before you can start having fun. There aren’t 30 buttons onscreen, there’s no dialogue to skip, and you don’t have to be a space marine.” Play will be asynchronous so games can be played in a single sitting or back and forth whenever you have time, like Words with Friends.

The One Man Left team is just finishing up their first prototype, so they don’t have a lot of details to share regarding specific features just yet. Although they did say “We’re definitely going for local and online multiplayer (with matchmaking), so you can have fun with a friend or with a Stranger Danger. You’ll have a number of races to choose from, each with a unique advantage on the battlefield.” In the image above are some of the characters concepts for the Plant team, Cuddly team, and the severed head of an unfortunate member of the Robot team.

Fans of Tilt to Live needn’t give up hope for more Tilt to Live, as Alex and Adam still have a bunch of ideas for updates to the game, and may revisit it again in the future, but for right now their sole focus is on Game II. This is certainly one title to watch closely and we’ll bring you more details as we get them.