the-forgotten-room_01Glitch Games (Forever Lost, Ferris Mueller’s Day Off, A Short Tale) has just released new details regarding their next iOS adventure game, The Forgotten Room.

The Forgotten Room puts players in the shoes of John ‘Buster of Ghosts” Murr as he explores yet another mysteriously creepy house.

John has taken on the case of Evelyn Bright, a 10 year-old girl who went missing while paying hide and seek with her father. He’ll have to explore a creepy old house and solve a variety of puzzles to hopefully figure out what happened to the young girl.

The game utilizes Glitch’s fantastic adventure game engine which includes an in-game camera that allows players to take photos of the clues they find and the rooms they visit, as well as draw notes on them. This eliminates a lot of the constant backtracking to previously visited locations which slows down many other games in this genre.

In the trailer below, you can get a sneak peek at some of the crafty puzzles that await you when The Forgotten Room releases in a few weeks on October 27th.

I have really enjoyed all of Glitch’s previous titles so of course I am looking forward to this one as well.