crab-war_Screenshot 1Picture a dazzling, underwater world featuring revenge hungry crabs and swarms of strategic attacks on the reptiles that seized their homes. Then add mutilation, evolution, customizable game play and you’ve got Crab War.

Your deity of crabs faces the ultimate challenge, destroy over 50 ugly, reptile beasts that sit 6 times your size. You will lose a few guys to its ugly tongue but you’ll keep going because this game is outrageously addictive.

Once you’ve got the tapping down you can customize your army with the game’s long library of abilities and unique talents.

New levels present Queen Crabs, mutated killer crabs and fun mutilations that literally brace your army under attack and suddenly your cute buddies look mean in their crystal amour, with their razor-sharp claws.

In addition to the unique game play, this game is set in a pretty cool environment, full of beautiful colors and artwork. Join the swarms as they attempt to reclaim their unfamiliar homeland, also altered by crystal radiation.

crab-war_wildebeastEach level in Crab War is met with challenging reptile bosses, each with unique attacks and devastating tongue lashings. As the reptiles grow in strength so do you, but is it enough to match their power?

Successfully defeat a hungry reptile and you’re a little bit closer to taking back what is rightfully yours. Each new level presents infamous artifacts ready for collection and precious rewards in the form of gems along the way.
Crab War is available to download now for both iOS and Android.

Download your copy of Crab War below:

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