maquis_appiconLast month, Austrian development studio Boardnaut released a free dice-based solitaire board game called Land 6 on iOS.

Now we’ve just gotten word that they are “really close” to releasing an iOS version of the award-winning solitaire worker-placement game, Maquis on iOS as well.

Designed by Jake Staines in 2013, Maquis was nominated for a Golden Geek Award for Best Print & Play Board Game.


How is Maquis played?
Maquis is a solitaire worker-placement game with variable goals.

The player places his resistance agents on spaces around town to achieve his goals (blowing up trains, publishing underground newspapers, aiding spies etc.).
At the same time collaborators and soldiers patrol the area.
Agents who can’t make it back to the safe house at the end of the day are arrested, and never seen again.

maquis_screenshot_04Boardnaut released a well-received digital version of the game on Android last year and the app should be available on iOS as well soon.

Maquis is free to download on Android (w/ IAP to unlock the full game), the iOS release will be a one-time, paid download.

It looks like a really interesting game and a solid and crisp looking digital implementation. I’m looking forward to trying this one out when the app releases on iOS.

You can check out some additional screenshots below as well as an app preview video.

And if you have an Android device you can download that version right now or Land 6 on iOS.

UPDATED: The iOS release is NOW AVAILABLE for $2.99…wow that was quick!