battleplansWith its unique visuals and pretty graphics, Battleplans offers mass appeal to an often-overlooked genre, with intuitive controls that make gameplay a complete breeze.

Standing apart from other RTS mobile games, the game centers heavily around tactical movement and unit positioning, instead of the more traditional focus on base building, or resource grinding. Even whilst battling, you can control units with precision, in real-time.

Newly released for Apple products, the title is available free of charge from the App Store right now. With its crisp graphics and bright color scheme, the game promises an aesthetically pleasant journey.

Real-time tactics will keep even the most seasoned RTS player on their toes, whilst the mobile element ensures that the game will not monopolize too much time, instead being a title that you can dip in and out of. Further to this, the competitive nature of the game makes sure that complacency never features – you must consistently strive to be the best player across the globe.

Battleplans - 02

With its nifty intuitive controls and battling planning modes, you can get an in-depth experience from Battleplans. Even the characters are expansive, with eleven to currently choose from and developers En Masse Entertainment currently in the process of designing more.

Speaking of the game, CEO of En Masse Entertainment – Sam Kim – writes:

Battleplans provides a fresh, new spin on real-time strategy games and fills a need in the marketplace.

Players will find themselves immediately getting to the fun elements of an RTS with easy controls to build heroes and squads, as well as scalable resource management – all of which lends for a great experience while trying to outsmart your enemies.”

Available now, for free, from the App Store for iOS platforms as well as Android.

Download your copy of Battleplans below:

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