fu_1080x1920_eng_01Gather your friends and get your front cameras ready to play Face Up – The Selfie Game, the newest interactive mobile game to hit the App Store and Google Play .

Make sure your acting skills are as strong as your selfie game, as the fame asks you to interpret loads of different emotions and expressions using your face alone when playing against your friends.

No matter if it’s feelings, job titles, or even animals – you’ll have to depict each theme from the Face Up lucky dip in just one selfie.

Playing off or online, you can earn points by guessing correctly and unlock brilliant in-game rewards including stickers, as well as even entry to the specialist game modes that are only open to the guessing gods among you. And for a little bit of added fun you can even show off your high score triumphs to your friends on social media.

So if you think you’re a selfie boss and want to prove your skills to the world (or you know, just your besties) then get yourself over to the App Store or Google Play and practice that posing.

Download your copy of Face Up below:

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