glass_road_box_frontOriginally slated for a November 15th, 2015 release date, unfortunately Smart and Smarty’s iOS adaptation of Uwe Rosenberg’s 2013 Euro, Glass Road.

Set in the 700 year-old glass making region of the Bavarian Black Forest, players are competing to build the most thriving community. Over the course of four rounds, you’ll select and build the right structures by successfully utilizing the skills of your specialist(s) and carefully managing your glass and brick production.

The developer ran into a bit of trouble with Apple’s review board which has significantly delayed the game’s release, however, this morning, we received word this morning that all of the outstanding issues have finally been resolved and the app has been resubmitted to Apple, meaning that we should see it released sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Here was the full message we received from the devs:

Hey Glassmakers!

Finally we have managed to upload the app to the Apple review board. We had some technical problems, but now the app is on the way!
After the (hopefully successful) review we will release Glass Road to iOS and Android as well.
The Apple review procces is approximately 2 weeks. When the game is in the store i will send you a notification. The game will be released at the same time on iOS and Android.

So what was the problem!??
We had problems with the 64bit support, which is now mandatory for new applications in the Apple appstore. So we had to refactor the project and upgrade it to a newer version of Unity which resulted many memory leak and code compiling issues. We couldn’t estimate how much work did it take to fix these issues, but now it seems everything is fine.

We greatly appreciate your patience and your interest!


When released, the game is expected to support solo play, an AI mode, pass and play multiplayer as well as two-player online play.

For more information about the release, visit and for more details on the physical game itself, visit its page on BoardGameGeek.