Welcome to another episode of the podcast…

Join us as we look through an iPhone’s backdoor and recount what we see at a crazy surprise party that serves up aces!

We kick off the show with a look at the big showdown between Apple and the FBI over iPhone data privacy and Apple’s refusal to open up a backdoor into the iPhone for Federal investigators. No matter which way things fall on this one, it will have huge ramifications going forward.

As for new apps, we revel in the sweet sounds of music player app, Serato Pyro and Trevor does some journaling with Bloom Built’s new version of Day One.

As for games we go for another adventure in the Rusty Lake with Cube Escape: Birthday, hit the courts with Tennis Champs Returns, keep our fingers to the pedal in Thumb Drift , fence with ink in The Swords and finally look at a platforming classic which makes its way to iOS in its original 20 year-old form.

We’ve got a jam-packed show for you, so listen and enjoy.


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