It’s Tuesday, the other popular new release day for the App Store for their top-tier titles. More and more studio’s like Crescent Moon Games and Namco are ditching the usual BIG Thursday release date for Tuesday, where they might have a better shot at standing out.

A number of interesting titles have come out today, several of which we have been following for a while now…

First up is Supermono Studio’s great free to play endless driving game Forever Drive, which you may have heard me talk about when I was on last week’s Portable Podcast. It is a very fun and addictive racing game that everyone should pick up and at least try out…after it is FREE! Next is the debut game from The Game Bakers, called SQUIDS, a fun looking, cartoony tactical RPG-inspired game which I first mentioned back in August.

Crescent Moon Games launched their much anticipated 3D physics game Siegecraft at a launch sale price of just 99¢ (66% off) and it is a universal app. In addition to the single player campaign, the game features a special iOS 5-specific turn-based multiplayer mode as well. How cool is that?!

Namco released Sky Gamblers: Rise Of Glory, a high-flying aerial combat game set in WWI, with both a single player campaign as well as an 8-player real-time multiplayer mode. It seems to have subsequently and inexplicably been removed from the US store.

We fast forward to WWIII for Emotional Robots’ Warm Gun. It is the 2nd coming of the Wild West for this class-based (Unreal Engine 3) FPS which takes players on “a post-apocalyptic romp through the ravaged ‘Divided States of America’!” This title is already getting a good deal of early buzz and they also released a free game Warm Gun : Carnival of Bullets that’ll give you a taste of the full experience.

Other games that came out today that peaked my interest are the iPad release of Utopian Games’ fun physics puzzle game Bumps, the awesomely named path drawing game Get The Flock Out from Wooji Juice Ltd. and IceFlame’s debut title Aiko Island, a cute looking physics puzzle game where players must remove blocks and save cookies.

Finally for all those time management fans, G5 Entertainment and Alawar Entertainment each came out swinging this week. G5 launched the full-paid versions of their game Stand O’Food® 3 in separate iPhone and iPad releases. Meanwhile, Alawar got into the holiday spirit a little early with Haunted Domains, a Halloween-themed time management game that has players managing a haunted hotel.

If we are getting all this on the eve of iOS 5, I can only imagine what goodies Thursday will bring in terms of both new releases and game updates!

Forever Drive




Get The Flock Out

Aiko Island

Aiko Island HD

Sky Gamblers: Rise Of Glory

Haunted Domains

Haunted Domains HD

Warm Gun

Stand O’Food® 3 Full

Stand O’Food® 3 HD Full

I have removed Hothead Games’ Gem King from this post, for after reading a number of the comments left by people in the App Store, it appears the developer may have just pulled their existing games’Kickin Momma’ (id429320537) and ‘Kickin Momma HD’ (id445724120) and re-released them under a new App ID, a new name ‘Gem King‘, as a universal app. According to a tweet by the developer, the people who paid for the Kickin Momma app for either the iPhone or iPad still have access to the app, but I don’t know what these means with regards to receiving any future updates.

This is not the first time I’ve seen a situation like this. Last month, Dujardin pulled their existing two universal app releases on Mille Bornes and replaced them with device-specific apps with new IDs, making my previously purchased app non-upgradable (I cannot access them in the cloud)! While I try to get an answer on this, I have removed Gem King from my list of notable new releases.

Thanks to Jaden for bringing this to my attention.