clash_for_dawn_logoClash for Dawn has hit 1.5 million downloads, a mere 100 days after launch. That’s 8 new players every minute.

These players are sticking around as well, it seems, as over 800 years worth of collective gameplay time has been tracked, with 21 million mercenaries being hired, 144 million quests completed, and over 45 million weapons enhanced.

Then there’s the awe-inspiring 4.5 trillion gold that’s been gathered by these layers, who’ve killed 22 million players killed in PvP and 745,000 bosses in the 1.8 million team dungeons which have been completed.

They’ve coordinated well in PvP, with 30 million messages being exchanged among players. That’s the same number of words as 750 average-sized novels.


Already a Clash for Dawn player? You can commend yourself on a game well played but, if not, it’s an action RPG in which you create a character out of a few different classes: Warrior,
Archer, Mage, or Priest, and then explore a world defeating demonic foes.

As you do so, you’ll level up. This increases your stats, unlocks new skills, and allows you to equip more gear. When you’re strong enough, you can then take on the epic dungeons and test your might against the bosses at the end.

If multiplayer is more your style, you’ll probably end up playing the group raids, Protect the Goddess mode, PvP, and the game-wide tournaments instead though, but character development is just as important there.

Head on over to the App Store [download] or Google Play [download] to check out Clash for Dawn right now.

Download your copy of Clash for Dawn below:

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