splendor_update-01Asmodee Digital has just release another free update to their digital versions of Splendor™.

This latest content update introduces a new, London Challenge pack and a new game mode called Duels.

These Duels are challenges which you play against an AI opponent (who is a caricature of a historical figure) and like any of the existing Challenges, you have a specific set of goals which dictate your win condition and some slight tweaks have been made to the standard set of rules.

The inaugural set of two Duels consist of one against Emperor Charles V and another against Mary Stuart.


The brand new London Challenge pack introduces a new mode, “which involves capturing a specific combination of card colors on the board”. This pack promises to be the most difficult one yet, featuring stricter time constraints and fewer numbers of allowed turns.

If you think you are up to the Challenge, update your copy of Splendor™ now and grab all of this great new free content.

It’s worth noting that Asmodee’s Ticket to Ride app also received a small maintenance update this week as well.

I love the amount of support and love Asmodee has given the Splendor app since its launch. Hopefully at some point this year we will see online play get added to the app as well.

Don’t have Splendor? Download it on the App Store below: