outwitters_ipad_screen05First launched in July of 2012, Outwitters features a cute, but deadly cast of armies and offers challenging turn-based strategical gameplay.

In Outwitters, 2-4 players take turns investing their resources (called wits) to summon reinforcements, navigate enemy defenses, and destroy their opponent’s base. You can challenge your friends or get skill-matched by our robust league ranking system. There are four races to choose from, each with its own cast of characters and a combat specialty to master. Will you fight alongside a hermit crab cannon, a brainwasher, a creeping thorny octopus, or a troop-teleporting narwhal?

Unfortunately, despite an App Store Editor’s Choice pick, and over a million downloads since its iOS launch, I don’t feel like Outwitters quite reached the level of popularity that it deserves.

At launch I suspect it was slightly overshadowed by Robot Entertainment’s then popular (and more established) turn-based strategy game Hero Academy. Ironically through a combination of shifts in the App Store landscape, iOS players being treated lower than PC players and increased, costly (sort of optional) IAP Hero Academy starting losing its fans shortly afterwards as well (myself included).

outwitters_ipad_screen04With a steady increased interest in digital board and strategy games, now Outwitters is ripe for a resurgence.

In order to be able to support Android devices, the team at One Man Left has completely rewritten the game from the ground up, resulting in “faster performance, better load times, a few improved animations, and most excitingly, cross-platform play between iOS and Android”.

I hope that this newer, faster version of the game will bring back previous iOS players (I know I’ll be back) and entice a whole new crop of opponents on the Android side. With the launch of version 2.0, Outwitters will remain a free to play game (with ads) with additional content available for in-app purchase. The update is due out sometime later this month, so download a copy now.

Download your copy of Outwitters: