world-of-warriors_793076829_ipad_02.jpgAnother week, another boatload of new releases.

We kick off this week’s new release coverage with World of Warriors, a ne free-to-play fighting / RPG game from Mind Candy (the folks that brought us the Moshi Monsters series of apps). Each of the adorable, but deadly warriors has their own backstory and special moves and you must fight, train, evolve and build your army as you compete in daily and weekly events. This should be a good time filler.

Bitcoin Billionaire is essentially Noodlecake and FizzPow Games’ take on ‘Make It Rain’ for the the bitcoin generation, where you simply tap the screen as quickly and with as many fingers as possible to generate lots and lots and lots of fake bitcoins. As your wealth increases, you can spend your mindlessly earned fortune upgrading your personal style and one-room apartment. Tap enough times and you too can be a Bitcoin Billionaire.

monzo_906362026_ipad_01.jpgMADFINGER Games takes a big departure from their usual blood-soaked fare this week to bring us Monzo. It is a virtual model kit building app that brings back the fun of those nostalgic old Revell model kits that you probably made as a kid, but now in digital form. From cars to planes, machines to animals there are over 30 Models to choose from and loads of color palettes, stickers and more to customize your model once it is built. This is a fun trip down memory lane and will bring out the little kid in you.

Briquid Mini is the iPhone-sized version of Gamious’ popular 2013 iPad puzzle game. Players tap to build and destroy blocks and/or tilt their device to get the liquid to flow and fill the specified areas of each level. It is a fun little casual puzzle game which offers 100 levels in the full 99¢ paid release and a 20-level taste in the free version.

Speaking of casual puzzle games…

A Mechanical Story has players trying to fill in the missing gears in a contraption such that all of the switches get pressed by the moving components and you earn all three stars. You have to pay careful attention to the order in which you place the gears for placing one too early may cause a segment of the contraption to slide out of place, making all three stars unattainable.

sweet-drmzzz_924000453_ipad_02.jpgSweet Drmzzz is a quirky little wordless game in which you are trying to wake up this sleepy guy in bed by playing through a series of little mini games. You aren’t really given any instructions and must just figure out what to do next. You may need to draw a path to get little particles where they need to go, or tap to get worms to change direction ‘snake’ style. It’s a light, fun little game I can see appealing to kids.

Theseus 3D is a neat looking puzzle game in which you are Theseus, and you must successfully navigate a 3D cubicle maze-like playing field to reach the exit without being eaten by the Minotaur. If this version plays like the classic cat and mouse style puzzle game, for each move that Theseus makes, the Minotaur makes two and he always follows his primary objective of trying to get closer to Theseus. This means his moves are somewhat deterministic and your route can be calculated. Developer Jason Fieldman has previously released 2D versions of the game on the App Store, but this new 3D one looks like it adds an interesting new twist.

day-of-the-viking_910212454_ipad_02.jpgDay of the Viking is another fun castle defense title from the team at adult swim. Defend your castle and princess from the attacking viking horde in this level-based game (endless mode also available). As you progress through the 80 levels, lighting and weather effects will change based on the season and there are lots of cool weapons and upgrades that can be purchased with the loot you steal off the fallen foes. The enemy gets more powerful and a bit craftier as you go, so you always have to be on your toes. I have just started playing and I’m really looking forward to seeing just how crazy this one gets.

Crescent Moon Games and Drakkar Dev reunite and bring back the popular primates from Monkey Boxing (which is currently free) for a new IAP-free kart-racer called Monkey Racing. Customize your monkey driver and vehicle (my kids love the one shaped like a pig) and then get out on the track for either the 80 track campaign mode or some online multiplayer classic Mario-style kart racing. This is a fun one to grab for the kids and you’ll probably find yourself playing it quite a bit as well as there are three different difficulties available for each track and loads of upgrades to unlock.

the-sailors-dream_895869909_ipad_01.jpgAfter months of anticipation, Simogo’s next big title is finally here. The Sailor’s Dream is a cryptic narrative experience that takes you into an ocean dream world. I don’t want to spoil anything but I should have a review soon.

The final two titles for this week are ones that will surely entertain the little ones in your house.

Based on the New York Times bestselling book of the same name by Sherri Duskey Rinker and Tom Lichtenheld, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site is Oceanhouse Media’s latest interactive digital storybook for kids. “As the suns sets behind the big construction site, all the hardworking trucks get ready to say goodnight. Follow along as one by one, Crane Truck, Cement Mixer, Dump Truck, Bulldozer, and Excavator finish their work and lie down to rest before another day of rough and tough construction play.” To celebrate the App’s release, Oceanhouse is running a giveaway for 5 signed copies of the book + promo codes for this app. You can enter that giveaway here.

Last, but by no means least…

the-counting-kingdom_925814105_ipad_02.jpgI love Math, but I know everyone doesn’t share my ‘Math is Fun’ philosophy and can really struggle with it, especially kids. The Counting Kingdom hopes to change all that by actually making learning and practicing math skills a fun activity for kids. Game designer Jenna Hoffstein, has done brilliant job of crafting this fun, fantasy-themed game for kids (ages 6-8) where they get to use math to “cast magical spells and defend the kingdom from the invading monsters”. It is both charming and approachable, with excellent artwork and has a nice series of hints and mechanisms built-in to help any kids who might be struggling. Whether your child already has a love of mathematics or not, The Counting Kingdom would be a great learning tool to add to your ‘they don’t realize they are learning’ arsenal of apps.

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