apple-payWe start this week’s show with a discussion of ApplePay and the unwillingness of certain retailers to play ball, opting instead to focus on their own CurrentC mobile payment platform.

Then we take a look at the fully-featured manual camera app, ProShot, which is a Windows phone port and free at launch.

For games, we had a nice mix of things last week with Twisty Hollow offering a fresh twist on the time management genre, runner Run Sackboy! Run! and the retro arcade acion of Woah Dave!. SFB Games scared up some fun with Haunt the House: Terrortown and Lumo Deliveries offers a Nimblebit-like experience.

Finally we end the show with a discussion of Anki Drrive, a cool physical toy car racing/battling game that you control with your iOS device. First shown off during Apple’s presentation for WWDC 2013, it recently got a price drop as well as Android support and Trevor an I give our initial impressions of the tech.

Enjoy the show.


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