ios-dead-batteryWe kick off this week’s episode on a high note, as I recount my happy ending to a major battery issue with my iPhone 5, thanks to Apple’s recently announced free iPhone 5 battery replacement program.

Then Trevor an I express our dismay with Apple’s inability to truly select the creme of the App Store crop for as Editor’s picks, instead just blindly selecting bland or outrageously bad titles with developer or brands that iOS device owners already know and probably would have purchased anyways.

On the Apps front we look at Apple’s latest featured non-game Apps…one good…the sparkly new Star Walk 2 and the “innovative” camera app Camu.

For games we take a look at NAMCO BANDAI Games’ fun new twist on arcade classic PAC-MAN, PAC-MAN Friends, test our speed and memory with The Firm, and give big kudos to Big Fish Games for both the gameplay and energy mechanic used in Panda PandaMonium.

Oh yeah…and then there was that latest turd, Swing Copters, released by Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen.


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