mega-jump-2_715108257_ipad_01Noodlecake just launched their big Super Stickman Golf 2 update and now we get a pile of new games…what a great night for iOS gamers!

In 2010, Get Set Games released their massively popular vertical platformer Mega Jump, following that up with a runner (Mega Run) in 2012 and now their adorable hero Redford is back for another endless vertical adventure in Mega Jump 2. This newest title features secret characters with special powers, brand-new baddies and more opportunities to achieve high scores and reign over leaderboards. Despite its popularity I never really got into either of the previous “Mega” titles for very long, but since it is free-to-play I’ll certainly be giving this one a shot.

Indie iOS newcomers Bulwark Studios released their first mobile game late last year and now they return with Spin Safari, a free Zuma-inspired circular matching / puzzle game where players rotate the”puzzle wheel” to match 3 or more animals to clear the board.

Another freshman indie, FourTwoThree Studios with assistance from Orian Livnat (LivGames) and YouTube celebrity/rapper DeStorm Power has just launched their first game, Hip Hop Berserker. It’s a rhythm game where players “fight as Saro, a young Hip Hop Berserker, who, along with the help of his magical-beat producing goblin Carter, go on an adventure to save the goddess Hip Hop from the evil wizard, Hu Man Duong”. It looks a cartoony, entertaining game and currently features 14 hip hop tracks with new tracks coming each month.

youre-the-detective!_769502905_ipad_01AppEndix has taken the crime scene sleuthing puzzle gameplay of Lawrence Treat’s Crime and Puzzlement series and made it a bit more friendly for younger readers. As the title suggests, in You’re the Detective! players read the story, look at the picture and then try to solve the crime by answering a series of questions based on their observations. However, instead of murders, this game’s kid-friendly crimes (if there even is such a thing) include things like a stolen horse, a mysterious letter and a pilfered necklace.

With games like Reckless Racing 2, and Reckless Getaway under their belt, Polarbit is no stranger to the mobile racing genre. Now they’ve just released Rail Racing, a gorgeous looking slot racing gaming that takes the high-speed action to the twisty plastic tracks in a kid’s bedroom, kitchen and more. I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been too enamored with any of the existing iOS slot racing games and rarely find them entertaining for more than a few minutes, but if anyone is capable of doing this genre right, it is Polarbit.

Chillingo’s latest publishing effort is an odd-looking one. simian.interface is a an “abstract spatial puzzle game with no time limits, no explicit rules, and very simple controls”. I’m not really sure what to make of this one, but you can check out the trailer on page 2 of this post.

joe-danger-infinity_704484890_ipad_01Exactly one year ago to the day, Hello Games made their first foray into iOS with a brand new Joe Danger title specifically crafted for iOS and it was FANTASTIC. Now the World’s Most Determined Motorbike Stuntman is back for a brand new iOS adventure in Joe Danger Infinity. Joe Danger has been shrunk down into a tiny world with hundreds of new levels, dozens of new vehicles and unlockable characters, boss battles and more. If you loved the original, then there is a whole lot more Joe coming at you and you’ll definitel;y want to pick this one up.

Originally published for the PC in 2002 and later for XBLA in 2012 3D Realm’s Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project blended elements of the classic Duke Nukem 3D with the 2D sidescrolling of the first two games in the series (that no one really remembers) to create a new testosterone and bullet filled platformer that was fairly well received. Now Spawn Studios brings that game to iOS. While I was a big Duke Nukem 3D fan back in the day, I haven’t played this Manhattan Project on any of the other platforms, but the massive number of on-screen virtual buttons in this iOS release gives me pause (take a look at the gameplay video on page 2), but perhaps the nostalgia factor will win out for you.

castle-doombad_622788881_ipad_01[adult swim] and Grumpyface Studio’s Castle Doombad is a tower defense game…in reverse, where you take on the role of the nefarious Dr. Lord Evilstein who has kidnapped a princes and must now defend his lair from the heroes trying to “save the day”. It has some great looking cartoony graphics (as one would expect) and I’m sure it is probably fiendishly funny as well. This is one of the true standouts of the night for me (along with Joe Danger Infinity which I already covered).

How about another one for the kids? DreamWorks Animation has launched a brand new interactive app featuring those lovable VeggieTales characters Bob, Larry and Mr. Lunt. Based on the popular “The Little House that Stood” episode of the TV series, VeggieTales Appisode: 3 Builders is the first (of I suspect many) VeggieTale appisodes in which your child gets to interact with the story and their favorite characters from the show like never before, in a fun, positive and educational way. Disney has done a great job with their appisodes, so I’m excited to see Dreamworks getting into this market as well since they own a number of my daughters’ other favorite franchises.

Atypical Games, creators of the popular Sky Gamblers franchise take the action down to the battlefield in their new WWII tank game Battle Supremacy. As we’ve come to expect from Atypical Games, the game features online multiplayer battles, during which you can admire the stunning visuals and landscapes.

archangel_736358018_ipad_01Finally, Unity Games along with Black Tower Studios launch their all-new mobile 3D dungeon-crawling action RPG game. A classic battle of good versus evil, Archangel features console-quality graphics and employs a touch and gesture-based control system designed to give the player an intuitive and satisfying mobile gaming experience. Use your fingertips to “crush, freeze, pound, cut, immolate and even resurrect fallen foes to fight against their fellow sinners”. With iCloud saves, 30 levels of gameplay and over 100 items to collect, Archangel looks like it will keep iOS gamers busy for some time.

And that’s it for this week, feel free to leavea comment below letting us know what new iOS games you picked up this week.

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