Treasure_Energy ShardLast month we reported that Playdek and Stone Blade Entertainment had come to an agreement to allow Playdek to continue to produce new content for their iOS and Android versions of the very popular tabletop deckbuilding game, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer .

A year of waiting ends today with the highly anticipated first new expansion for Ascension since the Immortal Heroes launched in June of last year.

This latest offering, Rise of Vigil, features loads of cool new content and even a new mechanic that will shake things up. Included are: “46 new center deck cards, including 11 new Monster cards, 24 new Hero cards, 11 new Construct cards and new starting deck art. The new energy shard cards allow gamers to unlock the latent power of Heroes, Monsters and Constructs and challenge players to take a second look at cards that initially might not appear powerful.”

“We’re excited to release this new expansion to the popular Ascension series and we thank fans for waiting,” said Joel Goodman, CEO Playdek. “The new energy shard cards energize the gameplay by making players rethink old strategies.”

Lifebound Hero_Runic HoniskrotThis certainly looks like one of the meatier expansions and it is great to see Playdek back with more Ascension content. If you want to pick up Rise of Vigil, it can be purchased within the app for a one-time purchase of just $3.99.

If you still have never played Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, you can (and must) download the base game for FREE.

Download your copy of Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer here: