For this week’s freebies, we’ve chosen a bear theme…

AirBear – (Origin8)

AirBear is like a mix bewteen Doodle Jump and Karuki Rescue, requiring you to draw “goo trampolines” (aka. lines) under your ragdoll panada bear to help keep him making upward progress. Although, your climb will not be an easy one! Along the way you are trying to collect bamboo rings and avoid bombs which will tear you to pieces, quite literally causing you to lose your head. If the bear hits the ground, then it’s game over. Additional levels invert the action, and you must guide your bear as he dives perilously downward into a well. A second game mode also has you collecting puzzle pieces. The game makes perfect use of the accellerometer and touchscreen and offers some really nice graphics and a great ragdoll phsyics engine.
(Regularly $0.99)


Lola’s Flag Adventure – (BeiZ Ltd.)

This is a cute game for kids (between the ages of 4 and 9 years old) starring an adorable panda named Lola. The goal is to help kids learn the flags of a variety of countries around the world in a fun and entertaining way. There is a memory matching game (for 4-9 year-olds) where you must find the identical pairs of flags. When you reveal a flag, the country displayed at the bottom of the screen as well as pronounced audibly. There is also a trivia game (for 6+ year-olds) where players are shown a flag and they must select the correct country from a list of three choices. Colorful graphics, cute animations and fun touch controls make this an entertaining learning tool.
(Regularly $1.99)

Compression – (Little White Bear Studios)

Compression is a bit of a departure from Little Bear Stuio’s colorful and tranquil previous offerings. It is darker and puts a bit more pressure on the player to either put up or be shut down. While the game starts off slowly and may seem like a simple match-3 game, it actually has a sneaky twist. Your goal is to remove all of the hollow pieces from the game board before you run out of space. To make things difficult, after every third dropped piece, a wall will move inward, compressing your game board, and causing pieces to shift. There is no order to which wall will move next, making it difficult to plan to far ahead. Unlimited (randomly generated) levels and OpenFeint global scoreboards and achievements will keep you coming back for more.
(Regularly $0.99)