ipod-touchesApps, apps and more apps!

Before diving into the insane number of new releases this week, Trevor and I take a few moments to discuss the recent price drop and capacity bump of the 5th Gen iPod Touch and what we thing the future holds for this mobile gaming device with one (or two) larger screened iPhones on the way.

Then we call the shots on the new sports app 120 Sports and the new photo-centric new private messaging app BeamIt – Visual Messaging.

For new games we talk about Cartoon Network cute and charming puzzle game Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, a great new atmospheric platformer Oscura Second Shadow and my favorite of Get Set Games’ releases to date, Storm Casters.

Since there were so many new game, we also briefly mention a few other standouts including Desert Fox: The Battle of El Alamein, Paperama and Disney’s stealthily-released Disney Checkout Challenge.


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