lords-of-waterdeep-skullport_01Playdek has just released the much-anticipated Scoundrels of Skullport expansion for their amazing digital version of the popular Lords of Waterdeep tabletop game from Wizards of The Coast.

“Skullport — also known as the Port of Shadows – is nestled in the heart of Undermountain. A haven for nefarious crimes, underhanded deals and back-alley murders, Skullport is a hive of evil beneath the City of Splendors.”

This expansion adds a new resource called Corruption, which its own unique set of risk and rewards for the players. Also included is the special Rapid Expansion Promo Card which allows a player to obtain more buildings to add to his or her collection.

There are also three new Skullport Lords: Irusyl Eraneth, Sangalor, and the Xanathar, 30 new quests and 25 new intrigue cards, as well as an expanded gameboard with “three new buildings and a handful of new buildings for purchase to keep the gameplay challenging”.

The Scoundrels of Skullport expansion can be purchased within the Lords of Waterdeep app for $2.99, and until June 3rd, Playdek has put the Waterdeep’s Undermountain expansion on sale for just 99¢ ($2 off). This is a tremendous bargain considering you can now purchase the entire game (plus both expansions) for less than $11. The physical game would easily cost you somewhere in the range $35 and $40 for just the base game, plus an additional $28 to $30 for the Skullport/Undermountain expansion.

I finally just recently got around to playing this game last week and have been addicted ever since. Not only is it super easy to learn thanks to some stellar tutorials, but it is really fun even just against the AI opponents. I’ve never had the opportunity to play the physical game before, but I was able to pick this up on the iPad very quickly and I love how each game feels so different due to the randomness of which of the many, many quests, building and lords will come up for that particular play-through.

I have just purchased the Scoundrels of Skullport expansion myself, and I am looking forward to experimenting with this new Corruption mechanic. You can read our full review (of the base game) here.

Download your copy of Lords of Waterdeep here: