After the hype and anticipation regarding Apple’s “BIG” announcement which they teased with “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget”, all we get is that the Beatles are now available on iTunes.

Big Whoop!

These songs are already available from so many other places (box set is currently $19 cheaper at Amazon), so a lot of people already own them! Does anyone really even care if they are available on iTunes at this point? Why do I need to buy them from iTunes?

What a let down…
To paraphrase the Beatles, “now I long for yesterday, when this announcement seemed so very far away”. There was no update on iOS 4.2, no cloud-based iTunes news, no wireless syncing…as far as I’m concerned…NOTHING INTERESTING!

Plus to cap it all off, the news of the Beatles was leaked well before the official scheduled time of 10am EST. I guess by “unforgeable”, Apple meant unforgettably disappointed! I feel like a kid on Christmas coming downstairs to discover the only thing that Santa left under the tree was a toy I got for Christmas about 10 years ago.

For those of you actually interested in purchasing these songs/albums, you can view the entire selection of Beatles titles on iTunes by clicking here.

What are your feelings on today’s “announcement”…am I off-base? Leave a comment below.