new-kids-rel-20140515In addition to all of the other new games I previously mentioned that came out this week, there were some notable kid-friendly new releases.

I’m not sure what your local weather is like, but we are supposed to have a rainy weekend here, so if your forecast isn’t looking good either then maybe one or more of these can help keep your little ones entertained while cooped up inside.

First up is Oceanhouse Media, who is expanding their Little Critter line of interactive books to include board books for your littlest readers (ages 2 – 5). Little Critter ABCs is specially designed for younger children to learn the alphabet, presenting each letter alongside colorful pictures and light animations. Children can use the app’s record-and-share feature to practice their ABCs and parents can also use it to monitor their progress. The app is available at a special launch price of just 99¢.

Sago Sago returns with another of their cute exploration games for toddlers and preschoolers. In Sago Mini Space Explorer your child gets to blast into space with Harvey the dog. Explore the stars and planets and make new alien friends. These are always really adorable titles with lots of fun surprises for kids to discover.

Newcomers Tutu Lab released their first app this week, Foodo Kitchen, which puts your child in charge of a bakery that serves up delicious pastries to its cuddly monster clientele. There is no text in the app, so it is playable by all ages. Through pictures, the creatures tell you what they’d like to eat and it’s up to your child to roll, bake and decorate the sweets however they’d like. The monsters tend to be pretty picky eaters, so you’ll know if you got it right by their (sometimes really funny) reactions when they eat it. My four year-old has gotten some giggles out of this one.

Finally, StoryToys Entertainment Limited, has released a new bundle app called The Awesome Collection which combines their existing Haunted House, The Jungle Book and Grimm’s Puss in Boots interactive pop-up storybook apps into a single app at special 50% off launch price of $4.99 (a savings of $6 over buying the apps individually). Plus all of the extra sticker packs and puzzle books (36 puzzles and 36 sticker scenes with over 600 stickers) are included for free in this pack, saving you even more money.

Sago Mini Space Explorer
Foodo Kitchen