toy-rush_675745574_ipad_02May appears to be the month of unending new iOS App releases, with a boatload of new stuff arriving this week as well.

First on the docket tonight is Uber Entertainment’s first (free-to-play) foray into iOS, Toy Rush. I’ve previously mentioned this game on the site a few times before, and I got a nice demo of it at PAX East last month. Set in a world of toys, this defense / deckbuilding mashup has players collecting a powerful army of toys, which they can use to mount their offensive in the game’s 50+ level campaign mode or attempt to take down their friends bases. Strategic and filled with humor, this is one title I can foresee myself getting sucked into.

There have already been two previous ‘I Dig It‘ titles released on the App Store and now Team Chaos are taking InMotion’s drilling sim/adventure game to the free to play market with I Dig It: Journey to the Core. Dig deep into the Earth’s core while managing fuel, temperature, damage, cargo space, oxygen, etc, searching the depths beneath your farm for rare artifacts and relics which you can sell to upgrade your equipment, make repairs, or purchase additional supplies. If you never played the previous titles in this series, now you can try it for free, otherwise for experienced players…there is even more digging for you to do.

overkill-mafia_810995936_ipad_02.jpgCraneballs Studios is back this week with a gangster-themed version of their Overkill shooting-gallery franchise. Set on the Mafia-run streets of Chicago, Overkill Mafia adopts a cool black-and-white comic-style aesthetic and time-period appropriate weaponry. Do you have the courage to crush other families to become the Godfather? Grab a pistol, aim and take fire.

Demons vs Fairyland is an iOS port of Armor Games’ tower defense game in which you are the villain, commanding armies of skeletons, monsters and demons to “protect your children at all costs” from the “goody two-shoes Fairyland folks”. the game is available in separate iPhone and iPad releases.

A once peaceful land, Elarooh has fallen into chaos and it is up to you to enter the forest and use the forces of nature to solve various puzzles and mini-games and save the spirits of the magic forest. The game features hand-drawn art and is on sale for a 33% discount at launch.

biosis_861314884_ipad_02.jpgBIOSIS is an interesting looking game with a bit of an odd gameplay mechanic. It follows the story of a little creature on an emotional quest to gather the plasma of life and save its happiness and love. By flicking the creatures you meet along the way, you play with their emotions and unleash various abilities that can help you complete your mission. Figuring out when to anger and when to calm is the key to success.

While visiting his grandfather, a boy named Albert discovers an old globe with magical powers in the attic. Crafting Story puts you in the role of Albert as he decides to “re-arrange the planet and make everything his own way”. You can maniulate the planet and build worlds from scratch by “combining different pieces and parts of the Universe”. Make humans, mountains, animals, trees, build cities, discover new things and technologies by figuring out the correct combinations to grow and develop your very own planet.

This week, Bulkypix has a bit of a different offering from their usual fare. 4444 is an abstract puzzle game where you are joining four squares of the same color and size to merge them to form a bigger square and so on, (hopefully) eventually merging all the squares into one giant square. As you progress, the levels get more and more challenging with new elements introduced to shake things up.

Flutter is a side-scrolling color-matching game where you must help guide the butterflies along their journey of migration. It looks like it quickly goes from a zen-like experience to challenging.

joyjoy_870693951_ipad_02.jpgRadiangames is back with JoyJoy, a twin-stick shooter in their usual visual style. 24 wakes, 6 challenges, 6 weapons and 7 difficulty levels along with GameCenter leaderboards and achievements to keep you coming back for more. And to top it all of it also supports iOS7-compatible controllers for those that like their twin stick shooters…with you know…real twin sticks. This one looks like it’ll be a JoyJoy to play.

Hyper Square is a fast-paced game of swiping, scaling, dragging and rotating as you attempt to put all the squares displayed on screen into their respective targets as fast as possible to stay alive. This one should scratch that itch for twitch gaming fans’ this week.

Next up, SheepOrama is a casual flock-protecting puzzle game in which players attempt to draw a fence on the gridded meadow such that the sheep are inside and the wolves are outside. It is available in both free (with limited levels) and paid releases.

darkin_794915875_ipad_02.jpgDarkin is a vampire-themed match-3 puzzle RPG game that’ll have you connecting tiles up and down, backwards and forwards, diagonally while you work your way up the ranks of your chosen clan (Reapers, Night’s Templar, Assassins), unlocking 30 clan-specific abilities. The game features endless, timed and limited turn-based modes as well as 20 different bosses to battle. If you are looking for a match-3 with a little more to sink your teeth into, this could be it.

From first-time developer Peter M Whalen, Dream Quest is a roguelike deckbuilding game in which you must play cards, kill monsters and level up. Meant to be played in 30 minute sessions, players don one of 13 character classes and explore randomly generated levels, using their deck of cards for combat which they will continue to develop with new moves as they gain power. With over 300 cards, Dream Quest could offer a nice amount of depth and replayability, so if you are into deckbuilders, roguelikes or both, this may be worth a pickup.

table-tennis-touch_860620713_ipad_01.jpgYakuto looks like they’ve really stepped up the quality on iOS table tennis apps with their entry in the genre. With its beautiful, realistic visuals, tournament play and really fun looking mini-games, Table Tennis Touch serves up quite a complete and enjoyable looking mobile table tennis experience.

Robot Tsunami is a frenetic mash-up of twin stick arcade shooter, tower defense & shoot ’em up game with a supposed 40+ hours of game-play and no DLC. Compete in 6 arena based campaigns each with 80 customized waves of battle or take-on 30 special events in challenge mode and watch the lasers, scrap metal and bolts fly. Check out the trailer on the third page of this post for a peek at the polished and enemy-filled action of this one.

Finally, Telltale is back with the third of five episodes in season 2 of the Walking Dead: The Game. Titled ‘In Harm’s Way’, this third part of the adventure should be free to download now within the app for anyone who bought the season pass, or can be purchased now for $4.99.

And that’s all I have for you this week.
I will have a separate post tomorrow with a few new kid-friendly titles, but if I missed any must-have new releases please leave a comment below and let me know.

Go to the second and third pages of this post to watch the trailers for these games.