SMBbounce_Copy of GonGonThis morning SEGA announced Super Monkey Ball Bounce, a new game in their super popular Super Monkey Ball franchise will be arriving on the iPhone, iPad and other mobile platforms later this Summer.

Much like last year with Papa Pear Saga, SEGA is taking inspiration from the classic arcade game, pachinko (and to some degree, Peggle) for its next fast-paced free-to-play game. Trading the tilt-based 3D puzzle platforming action for casual, pachinko-inspired gameplay, Super Monkey Ball Bounce offers a brand-new twist on the game.

Choose from all your favorite Super Monkey Ball characters including AiAi, MeeMee, Baby and GonGon and more and utilize each’s unique special powers to roll, bounce and clear over 120 frenetic levels, “rescuing their monkey friends and defeating bosses using a variety of trick shots and super-moves”.

Super Monkey Ball Bounce features AiAi and the rest of his monkey friends as they attempt to thwart the evil machinations of the dastardly Prof. Boscis. Players send AiAi and his primate pals careening into action in over 120 levels, bouncing, sliding and rebounding to defeat Prof. B’s flunkies and earn bushels of bananas. The simple yet addictive aim-and-shoot game features seven playable monkey characters each with their own special abilities.

Super Monkey Ball Bounce will be available this Summer as a free download, but if you are lucky enough to have a Canadian iTunes account you can download a copy now during its soft launch (much like SEGA’s Crazy Taxi™: City Rush which is still awaiting an official worldwide release date).

Looks like a fun one, I’ll certainly be taking this one for a spin this Summer.