films-jazz-detailsAfter taking a week off for Valentine’s Day, we’re back with more podcasting goodness.

On this week’s show we first discuss a couple of recent acquisitions, Apple’s purchase of TestFlight and Facebook spending $16 to $19 billion on WhatsApp!

Then we dumpster dive into the free app charts with a discussion of the severe problems with Apple’s current search, rating and ranking mechanisms which are causing these charts to be ruled by horrible shovel-ware. Then we turn our attention to apps and games which are actually worthy of notice, starting with Ken Burns’ self-titled app which does a very nice job of weaving portions of his massive existing body of work into entirely new narratives. We also marvel at Brian Cox’s Wonders of Life and the unique calendar app CalCube.

On the games front, we finally get to play the gorgeous looking Tengami, which Trevor and I first experienced almost a year ago at GDC and PAX EAST (respectively). Next up is Forsaken Media’s sequel Bug Heroes 2 and Chillingo’s very pleasant surprise, Another Case Solved. Finally we round off the night with the space-age mini golf game Astro Golf.

Due to technical difficulties, we actually had to record this one twice, so hopefully you enjoy it.

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