another-case-solved_698716187_ipad_02Wednesday night is new release night and we have a nice mix of titles this week from retro to revolutionary, so lets just get right into the list with the free-to-play titles (of which there are quite a few).

The past couple of weeks, Chillingo’s titles have been (in my opinion) a bit lackluster, but it looks like that’s about to change this week with a unique looking match-3/puzzle game called Another Case Solved. It comes from Ars Thanea Games, developers of Puzzle Craft. In Another Case Solved, players run their own detective agency, and use a match-3 mechanic to find clues, identify suspects and solve a series of crimes. A match-3 game with an actual narrative…by Jove, it sounds like a rather engaging concept.

Foursaken Media’s battle of the bugs wages on in Bug Heroes 2, the sequel to their hit 2011 defense game. With 25 unique bug heroes and 2v2 multiplayer battles along with a hearty single player campaign and endless mode, Foursaken Media seems to have really amped things up for this free-to-play tactical sequel.

fright-fight-multiplayer-brawler_602062362_ipad_01Next up we have the debut title from APPSolute Games who aim to offer iOS gamers a Super Smash Brothers-like chaotic online 3D multiplayer brawler experience with Fright Fight™. Select your warrior from Kahn the Werewolf, Carmilla the Vampire, Grim the Reaper or Hugo the Yeti, each of which has their own unique fighting style and prepare to do battle with up to 3 online opponents using a series of swipes and taps to punch, blast and scythe your opponents. Be the creature with the most kills at the end of the timer and you’ll be the victor. I had a little pre-release fun with the game, but I’m looking forward to being able to really put it through its paces now that their should be a lot more players on the servers.

Imagine if Abe Lincoln could fight off zombies or Napoleon could take on werewolves, well now’s your chance to see it happen in Second Chance Heroes. This wacky action arcade game from Rocket City Studios features a whole slew of unlockable historical figures as well as three player Co-Op. Check out the trailer on page 2 of this post, this one looks like some crazy, fun, historical clone warfare.

luminetic-land_717233575_ipad_01Luminetic Land is a physics puzzle game in which players attempt to collect stars of varying colors by using magnets to attract the Luminetics (ball-like creatures) around the level so that they cast the correct colored light on the stars.

I’m not a NASCAR guy, but I’ve heard it is the number one spectator sport in the US (or something like that) so there obviously there must be a lot of fans. If you happen to be one of them, then this next title will surely appeal to you. In NASCAR Manager, you are the head honcho, managing all aspects of your racing team, recruiting sponsors, upgrading your car and ideally leading your team to victory in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series (I’m guessing that’s a big deal).

Ah mini golf…now that’s more my kind of sport. Bolder Games takes this game of colored balls and rubber-covered putters to new heights in Astro Golf. Hit the links in outer space with Orbit, the Robot and with his companion Tess. You must help them find their way out of an abandoned cargo ship by playing miniature golf…of course. The game looks like it offers some nice 3D graphics, 50 different holes, various player abilities and a cute storyline. Astro Golf is currently available at a special 50% off launch price of $1.99.

Oceanhouse Media has two more titles for your little ones to enjoy again this week, this time featuring Little Critter and the Berenstain Bears. Just a Little Music – Little Critter is an interactive book which follows Little Critter as he gets a new drum set and plays it EVERYWHERE. The Berenstain Bears: Safe and Sound! is a cautionary tale in which Brother and Sister Bear learn an important lesson about skateboarding safety and peer pressure. Both titles are on sale for launch at 50% off and 25% off respectively.

While I have never played any of Dotomchi’s Fortune Chronicle puzzle RPG series, I know that these games are quite popular. Their latest, Sorceress of Fortune is the official sequel to 2010’s Sorcerer of Fortune and features “an enhanced strategic puzzle battle system”.

oquonie_819777958_ipad_01Oquonie is an odd (and perhaps even a little creepy) looking puzzle game featuring rich, black and white, hand-drawn illustrations from artist Rekka Bellum. Players must navigate through a huge maze-like structure, one room at a time, interacting with all manner of strange creature. It’s another intriguing and cryptic title from David Mondou-Labbe, creator of Hiversaires and Entaloneralie.

A cute-looking, but apparently challenging game, Doctor Life is a Doctor simulation game from Wigu Games Studio where you attempt to grow your clinic into a full-fledged hospital by diagnosing and treating patents. Those with the patience (a doctor’s favorite virtue) for simulation games and an abundance of free time may want to check this one out.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen something new from Crescent Moon Games, but the publisher hits back hard this week with Coldfire Keep, an old-school dungeon crawler featuring 10+ hours of classic, turn-based RPG gameplay.

Speaking of classics, one of my childhood PC faves, Cinemaware, makes another appearance on iOS this week, this time with The King of Chicago , a faithful port of the ’87 action adventure strategy game. Now if Cinemaware would bring their Three Stooges game to iOS as well, I’d be a very, very happy man!

tengami_794960248_ipad_02Finally we come to Nyamyam’s visually stunning papercraft, pop-up book style puzzle adventure game Tengami. This is a title which I first saw at PAX East last April, now finally nearly a year later it gets an official release. Set against a beautiful fairy tale, Tengami is a Zen-like sensory journey through ancient Japan. This unique experience is one of the highlights of the night and worth experiencing.

And that’s a wrap for this week…

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