character-3Refreshed from a week off for the holidays, Trevor and I dive right into the latest App news and a week of really great new game releases.

But before we get to the games we take a look at a few recent non-game releases including great feature update and radical aesthetic changes to Infuse 2, the simple as pie daily journaling app Heyday, the informative and educational The Elements in Action and the tepid Ember.

For games we howl our praises of Telltale Inc latest, The Wolf Among Us and gleefully slice into Mountain Sheep’s latest, KingHunt. Trevor decides if Assassin’s Creed Pirates sinks or swims and we both rock out with Halfbrick Studios’ first publishing-only effort Band Stars.. Finally, we take a wild ride with the odd and artistic Icycle: On Thin Ice.

Hope you enjoy the show, and thanks for listening.

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