silverfish_392478796_03.jpgFirst released just over 3 years ago, Chaotic Box’s neon-infused, swipe-controlled arcade game Silverfish was a standout title and a fresh take on a classic genre.

To play the game, you use a series of swipe gestures to navigate your Silverfish around the play area while trying to avoid (and destroy) all manner of luminescent baddie bugs that comes your way. There are several different game modes to keep you on your toes and add a little variety.

I’ve logged more hours than I should probably count with this game. Over the past three years it has received regular updates to keep it playing great on the latest iOS devices and could easily hold its own against arcade games that have arrived on the platform since.

silverfish_392478796_04.jpgIf you haven’t played Silverfish yet, you are certainly missing out.

When I reviewed the game (shortly after launch) in December 2010 I was absolutely blown away stating “Chaotic Box has done a very nice job at combining fresh with familiar and creating a new and unique experience that ultimately feels like a reboot of an old classic.”

Despite numerous temporary free price drops on the remainder of their catalog, the studio has stuck to their guns and has never made its flagship title free…until now. So you will definitely want to take advantage of this momentary lapse of will and grab this one TODAY before the price goes back up to $1.99.

Note that the free promotion only pertains to the iPhone release, the iPad version, Silverfish MAX is still priced at $2.99 (but you’ll probably want to pick this one up as well as I bet it plays quite nicely on that new iPad Air!