165557_512x512Wow! Days of Wonder has just dropped the price of Small World for iPad to $2.99. This is the first time the game has been on sale since 2010 and the lowest price it’s ever been (usually $6.99).

“Small World is inhabited by a zany cast of characters such as dwarves, wizards, amazons, giants, orcs and even humans; who use their troops to occupy territory and conquer adjacent lands in order to push the other races off the face of the earth.”

This is AWESOME news for anyone eagerly awaiting this Summer’s release of Small World 2, as it was announced earlier this year during the Small World 2 Kickstarter Campaign that it would be a FREE upgrade for existing owners of the Small World for iPad app. It is especially good since the plan is also for the game to go up to $9.99 with the launch of the Small World 2 update.

…” (the price on the app store will increase to $ 9.99 once Small World 2 ships), you will also automatically receive a free upgrade to Small World 2 for iPad, when it ships later this summer. Yes – you will be getting the 3-5 player maps, online gaming, retina support and much more all for free.”

So if you have any interest in picking up Small World (or Small World 2) then NOW IS THE TIME!

Download your copy of Small World for iPad: