iPadAir-iPadMini_34B2B_lock-blue_home-nebula-PRINT-253x300This week Apple finally announced its next generation of iPads in a somewhat rushed manner.

Tonight Trevor and I talk about our disappointment with the brevity of the attention Apple paid to the iPad line during the media event and what important and/or expected features and topics were left out. In fact I think we spend more time talking about the new iPads than apple did!

We also talk about Tapbots gorgeous all-new iOS 7 version of Tweetbot and some other apps that have been updated to iOS 7. We explore what possible effects Apple making their iLife and iWork apps FREE could have on the App Store economy.

In games, we look at a couple of new free-to-play titles, DEAD TRIGGER 2 and Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! HD and briefly mention some new kid-friendly titles (Toca Mini and Mystery Math Museum.

Finally we round things out with a few Halloween app recommendations including my recently released kid-friendly picks: The Little Witch at School and Haunted House ~ 3D Pop-Up Activity Book (on sale for 99¢ this weekend).

It was another packed show, so we hope you enjoy it.

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