photoThe iPads are coming, the iPads are coming…

Trevor and I start this weeke’s episode discussing what we might be able to expect from Apple’s all-but-confirmed October 22nd iPad event.

We also talk about the latest app updates and the simple and easy to use new todo app, Begin and Vito Technology latest stargazing app, Sky Live.

There was no shortage of iOS games to talk about in this week which was jam-packed with new releases…

First Trevor discusses his experiences with the Pokemon/Zelda mash-up, Monster Adventures, then we jump into the fun and unique puzzle platformer Ring Run Circus. Then we take down some Mummies in the cool first-person runner Escape from Doom and challenge our minds with the serene and visually captivating puzzling of KAMI. Finally we see if Ravenous Games’ Random Heroes spin-off, Random Runners has what it takes to go the distance.

And finally, a reminder of all of the app sales going on the weekend, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THESE OUT, as there are loads of great FREE and sale titles to be had.

It is another information-packed show and we hope you enjoy it.

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