iphone_screenshot01-600x338Here it is, the first official screenshot of One Man Left’s Tilt to Live 2.

Earlier today Adam and Alex posted this screenshot on their development blog along with the following description of a few of the changes we can expect in the game’s mechanics.

Note the fancy new dot renderer, which makes them blend and squish together like liquid. Up top, you’ll also notice a new dot value display. Each dot you eliminate ticks this up, growing your score exponentially over time. There’s a new combo system that helps grow your dot value even faster, which we’ll show off later on.

brilliantDisguiseUnlockedThere was another post last week, where Adam discussed the new “Brilliant Disguise” power-up, which is essentially a “cheap dot costume that makes everyone ignore you, even though you are still killing them”. How awesome is that?!

I was a huge fan of the original Tilt to Live so needless to say I’m super (duper) excited to hear that the guys are hoping to submit the game to Apple by the end of the month.

You can follow all the goings on for Tilt to Live 2 at One Man Left’s shiny new official landing page.