contra-evolutionhd_578198956_ipad_03Late last week we reported that Contra: Evolution was available on the iPhone and iPad, only to see it mysteriously disappear from the App Store less than 24 hours later. This left many people (including Us) asking…what happened?

Well, we just got official word that the game will definitely be returning to the App Store sometime later this year. It appears that the US release wasn’t quite ready for prime time:

The version that was (briefly) available was the version built for the Chinese app store, but CocoaChina Is building a version optimized and translated for western audiences. They’re still in the development stage of that version, but the plan is to launch it at some point later this year.

Hopefully the added development time means we will also see the addition of features like external controller and Konami Code support…one can always dream. 😉

“CocoaChina is definitely considering the best available options for people who purchased the earlier version”, but so far there is no official word on exactly how they plan to handle this. I’ll update this post with that information as soon as I have it. One we have an official re-launch date, we’ll get you that info as well.