pvz2-03Nearly a month ago PopCap released their live-action teaser trailer announcing the Plants vs. Zombies sequel, with the subtitle “It’s About Time”.

Today they’ve launched the first (and rather cute) trailer for the game revealing that “It’s About Time” wasn’t just pertaining to how long it took for the sequel to arrive, but that the game will be taking a page out of the latest Cut the Rope’s playbook, adding a new time travel element, taking players back to “the wild west, ancient Egypt and even the future”.

There are lots of neat little references within the nearly 90 second trailer, warranting multiple viewings to catch all of the inside jokes and PvZ game references. Big Kudos to the ‘Back To The Future’ like time circuit in the Crazy Dave’s’s tricked out time machine.

pvz2-04The video itself looks absolutely amazing with its feature film quality animated 3D style and it got me thinking that PopCap/EA should really create their own animated series or film using the assets, heck it would easily be better than current game turned animated series, Swampy’s Underground Adventures and the Angry Birds Toons. Just a thought.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It’s About Time will arrive on iOS devices worldwide on Thursday July 18th as a free-to-play title. The folks at IGN have loads more details on the actual game itself.