dead-ahead_594482571_ipad_02It’s going to be another busy night for new iOS releases…

Chillingo and Gameloft are each launching new free-to-play titles, Dead Ahead™ and Epic ™. Dead Ahead™ is a 16-bit zombie-themed endless runner in which players take to the desolate post-apocalyptic streets on their motorbike trying to avoid abandoned vehicles while utilizing a variety of firepower to take out the hoards of zombies attacking from all sides. Epic ™ is based on the characters of the upcoming 3D animated film of the same name. It appears to tackle a number of genres from kingdom building to defense in both single and multiplayer battles. There are also mini-games and a social element for connecting with friends.

Also free is Go Round, an interesting looking new game from the puzzle masters at Little White Bear Studios (TanZen, Compression HD). It is a level-based game played out on a board made up of concentric rings. Players must make color matches to push pieces towards the center of the rings before all of the rings disappear. I’ve been really impressed with Little White Bear Studios previous offerings, so this is an easy pickup for me.

jane-wilde_584711522_ipad_02The final freebie is a crazy, bawdy and gory looking Old West side-scrolling shooter called Jane Wilde. Step into the butt-kicking boots of this buxom blonde as she mows down waves of zombies cowboys, skeletons, vampires and more with her arsenal of revolvers, shotguns, Gatling guns and even something called a “fishgun”.

At 99¢ is Djinnworks’ latest title in their Stickman series of games, Stickman Tennis and another title from Chillingo in which your zombie fish eats smaller fish to grow bigger and bigger as he tries fruitlessly to satisfy his ‘insatiable appetite’. With 81 different varieties of fish as well as crazy power-ups, Zombie Fish Tank looks fun and frenetic.

Streaming Colour Studios brings their unique finger twisting multi-touch puzzle game to the small screen in Finger Tied Jr.. And Sago Sago releases Sago Mini Forest Flyer, their charming digital toy for younger kids where they get to guide Robin (the bird) around a vast forest, interacting with various objects and animals with some really funny results. My daughters both loved this one, so I highly recommend it if you have a toddler…lots of giggles.

combo-crew_599516631_ipad_02Next up is Combo Crew, a game which I had the pleasure of previewing at PAX East earlier this year. From French development studio The Game Bakers, the game offers a new approach to the mobile brawler by eliminating virtual controls and opting for a much more intuitive system of swipes. I’ve been having a good deal of fun with an early build of this one, so you can expect a full review really soon. Combo Crew should definitely be on your short list of pickups for tonight.

Sci-Fighters appears to be a port of a gladiator-style arena battle Flash game. Players must avoid the monster haunting each battle arena while using their weapons to attack the other three players. The winner is the last man standing and you are trying to be the first to win five rounds. It has a local 2-player multiplayer mode and single player vs. AI. Sci-Fighters’ cartoony graphics and old-school sci-fi theme are quite appealing to me….may have to pick this one up, though the lack of online match-ups is a bit of disappointment.

hyper-breaker-turbo_595669524_ipad_02Barry Kostjens, the developer of the wonderful puzzle game Push Panic! is back with Hyper Breaker Turbo. A game which at first glance resembles a classic brick breaker, but is apparently “a completely new action puzzle arcade game like you’ve never seen before”. Featuring “multiple screen level design and ‘free’ paddle control” the game is an interesting evolution of a classic, almost like a vertical scroller meets brick breaker. You can check out the trailer on the second page of this post.

Last but not least is the sequel to Fallen Tree Games’ 2010 and 2011 zen puzzle games, Quell and Quell Reflect. This time published by Bulkypix, Quell Memento is set within an old abandoned house as the player attempts to restore order to the “jumbled memories of the last occupant” by solving the puzzles. With 150 new levels for you to navigate with your delicate droplet of water there is loads of content in this latest offering in this enjoyable series.

And that’s it…unless Playdek decides to surprise us with a release of Agricola tonight.

Please let us know which of these games you’ll be picking up tonight when these (and more) new releases go live at 11pm EST.

Note: All of the links below will go live at 11pm (EST) on Wednesday, May 22nd.

Go to the second page of this post to watch the trailers for these games.