BookBook for iPhone 4/4S
If you read my review of TwelveSouth’s BookBook case for the iPhone 4/4S, you’ll know that I am a big fan of this case and thrilled that the company is hard at work on their all-new version for the iPhone 5.

TwelveSouth has had a lot of issues with counterfeit BookBooks being sold, so they have been keeping the specific details of the new iPhone 5 model very close to the vest until it is absolutely ready. That’s why there are still no released photos of the new case. They plan to launch this much-anticipated case sometime next month, so if you see one already available for purchase, it is a knockoff and don’t buy it yet.

I sadly had to retire my BookBook when I got my iPhone 5, but otherwise I’d still be using it today. The only two real complaints that I had with the case were that the lack of the camera hole made it cumbersome to take photos and I had an issue where my mute switch kept getting bumped on. In the latest update that we received from TwelveSouth, it mentioned that the iPhone 5 model WILL in fact have a camera hole (one issue addressed) and the number of card slots will be upgraded from two to three, taking advantage of the additional length offered by the iPhone 5. The case will also once again be available in your choice of Classic Black or Vintage Brown.

This is really exciting news and these updates will make for a really interesting head to head showdown between TwelveSouth’s BookBook case and Pad & Quill’s recently released, Little Pocket Book. You can expect to see a detailed comparison of these two cases on the site once both are available.

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Here’s How You Can Win A Classic Black BookBook Case For The iPhone 4/4S*

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the BookBook for iPhone 5, we’ve decided to do something special for the iPhone 4/4S owners out there who will NOT be able to take advantage of this new BookBook model, by giving away a brand new Classic Black BookBook case for the iPhone 4/4S. Now you too can have something new and sexy for your iPhone.

If you have an iPhone 4/4S and are looking for a classy way to reduce pocket clutter, then enter our contest below.

* Contest is just for the case, iPhone is NOT included. Unfortunately due to international shipping costs, we are limiting the contest to US residents only.

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