Candywriter has generously donated a bunch promo codes for their blackjack simulator, Blackjack World Pro . Along with all the features you’d expect from a Blackjack game, Candywriter has included some cool elements that make this game stand out against it’s rivals. Blackjack World Pro features 6 real-world casino locations as well as distinguishing gameplay characteristics such as card counting options and unique rule sets like the continuous shuffle machines of Atlantic City, face down deals in downtown Vegas, and the triple 8 payout in Macao. You can even build your own casino with your own set odf rules and “popular side games like 21+3, Perfect Pair, and Match the Dealer”. You can also enable a really neat learning mode that will tell you when you made the incorrect play, helping you to improve your game. Track your lifetime stats as well as well as global scores.

In case you aren’t one of our winners, Candywriter also offers a free version of Blackjack World Pro containing just the Reno casino, and the full-version of the game is currently on sale for just 99¢ (50% off) for a limited time.

We have a bunch of copies of Blackjack World Pro to give away to our lucky readers.

There are three ways to participate, each will earn you ONE entry to win a code:

Each method above will earn you one entry into the contest for the promo codes, regardless of method of entry, you are only eligible to win one promo code per person. Don’t worry, your email address is not visible to anyone but us and will only be used to contact you regarding this contest.

The giveaway will run until 10:00 PM EST on Tuesday September 22, 2010.
Codes are good for US iTunes accounts only.