The creative shape creating sliding puzzle style game Polymer from iOS composer-turned developer Whitaker Trebella just got its first big update, and it’s a doozy!

This free v2.0 update not only makes the game a universal app, allowing iPad owners to get into the fun, it also contains “numerous major upgrades allowing for more game play options and greater customization”.

Honestly, if it were even just the transition to universal app, I would have been happy enough. The game is so much more enjoyable on the big screen and looks so crisp with the Retina graphics. However, the bonuses from the free update don’t stop there. The ‘Two Minutes’ mode in which players must try to get the most possible points in a single 120 second time limit has now been expanded, adding optional five minute and ten minute variants.

Also in the v2.0 update is a brand-new multiplayer mode which allows you to simultaneously take on up two three of your Game Center friends to see who is the best polymer builder.

“In this new mode, players will have two minutes to create the best polymer possible. The goal is to make a polymer larger and worth more points than your opponents. Up to four players can participate in one game at a time and all will be working off the same board to ensure fairness and the same chance
of success.”

Finally, you can sync your unlocks, high scores and best polymers across your devices via iCloud!

If you are already own Polymer, you should see that the update is available. If you haven’t purchased this game yet then I definitely recommend checking it out, especially if you have an iPad.