Chillingo has just released the first (of five) trailers showing of their upcoming title Commando Jack, from developer Colossal Games.

In Commando Jack you play as the last remaining human commando making a last stand against an alien invasion. Mixing classic tower defense gameplay with a unique gameplay twist that allows you to ‘jump in’ to turrets and take on the attackers in first-person, Commando Jack is a stand-out in the tower defense genre.

As you can see in the trailer, you are not only placing units like a traditional tower defense game, you also can get behind the scope of some heavy artillery and mow down some of the aliens as well. So its part strategy, part skill shot as you try to lead your troops to victory.

I’m usually not much of an FPS fan on the iOS platforms, but Commando Jack looks like a really entertaining mash-up.

Each of the the five ‘location’ trailers will feature one of the game’s worldly settings, under attack from alien invaders. The first trailer (embedded below) show’s off London as it fights off the alien onslaught.

The game is scheduled to release sometime this summer.