Today is the final day of comiXology’s huge Walking Dead digital comic sale.

The long-running, The Walking Dead comic book series from Robert Kirkman and Image Comics (on which the amazing AMC TV series is partially based) just reached a big milestone, its 100th issue.

To celebrate, comiXology has slashed the prices on ALL issues of their digital versions of this popular series.

In fact, right now you can grab issues 2 through 99 of The Walking Dead for just 99¢ each.
Issue one is FREE and the just released issue 100, is available for $3.99.

There are also three limited edition Omnibuses released as part of the 100th issue celebration.

Each of these collects 33 issues of the comic series into a single tome and they are on sale as well for $25.99 (for vol. 1) or $26.99 (for vol. 2 or vol. 3) each, driving down the per-issue cost to just about 82¢!!!

That means you can own Robert Kirkman’s ENTIRE series to date, ALL 100 comics in an easily portable digital format, for just $83.96 (plus applicable tax).

One really nice thing about comiXology is that any issues of The Walking Dead that you purchase can be viewed on your iPhone or iPad using either the FREE comiXology Comics app or Walking Dead Comic app, both of which are really slick apps, with great interfaces.

I especially like the way their The Walking Dead app allows you to jump from panel to panel and it does a very nice job framing them. It is worth noting that comiXology also has Kindle and Android versions of their main comic book reader app as well, and you can purchase these comics as gifts. So if you know anyone who is a huge fan of The Walking Dead, this could be a great sub-$100 gift for them.

Once you purchase the comics they are yours forever and you can add / remove them from your device any time you need to.

The comics can be purchased directly on the comiXology website, or from within any of the previously mentioned apps.

Just remember, you now have less than 24 hours to get in on these deals as they are only good through July 15th.