Crescent Moon Games’ Founder and Creative Director, Josh Presseisen must believe in the old adage that it is better to give than to receive.

You see, today is Presseisen’s birthday and instead of asking for gifts, he’s actually giving them.

The company’s entertaining platformer Paper Monsters is absolutely FREE for 24 hours (normally $2.99) to celebrate the day that Presseisen’s parents received their bundle of joy that they would name “Josh”.

Paper Monsters is a fun 2D platformer that not only offers nods to titles like Super Mario Bros. and Little Big Planet (which obviously inspired it), but has unique paper and cardboard art style all its own. There are cool multi-plane effects where you must travel into the background (via Mario-esque pipes) to collect some items and return to the foreground.

With fantastic graphics and solid game play, this is an awesome freebie!

So why not join in the celebration and grab this great game for FREE.