Tonight there is another fresh batch of new titles to both challenge and entertain you.

Let’s kick things off this week with a few free-to-play titles that wont cost you a penny to try out. From GAMEVIL comes Fighter City, a massive, online, location-based territory claiming game, where players fight for turf by training and leveling up their fighters “in a diverse range of martial arts”. Chillingois back with Aero Vacation, a social time-management game where players attempt to build “the ultimate airship” and attend to all their passengers needs. Judging solely from the screenshots, it looks like it could be pretty similar to IUGO Mobile’s Sunshine Cruise Lines. The final free game is StickWars 3, which as you can probably guess, is the third title in PulsePlay’s popular Castle Defense series of games.

Next up is David Miller’s cute looking physic-based, puzzle game, Got Cow?. Cows are being abducted by aliens and you must launch rockets at the invaders’ ships to try and stop them, while taking into consideration how the Black Holes, Asteroids & Wormholes in you way will effect your trajectory.

Like fantasy? Prolific publishers Triniti Interactive launch a rather nice looking questing game called DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom, with “tons of brutal weapons, hordes of enemies and a deep skill system”. Ankama also makes its return with iPhone and iPad releases of DOFUS : Battles 2, the sequel to its popular Tower Defense game, DOFUS : Battles. However, this time around, players reverse roles and the sequel is actually a Tower Attack game.

The next two titles come from the console world. First is Rockstar Games’ Max Payne Mobile. Similar to last year’s excellent port of Grand Theft Auto III, developer War Drum Studios brings the 2001 console classic which pioneered the concept of Bullet Time® in videogames to the iOS platforms. I must shamefully admit that I never player the original, but I will most certainly be picking this one up.

EA brings their XBLA/PSN title Burnout™ CRASH!, to iOS. The game is based on the Burnout Paradise series, or more specifically one of the most fun aspects of the game where players are positioned at an intersection where they attempt to keep their wrecked car in constant motion as long as possible by smashing it to as many cars, buses and other objects as they can manage. Burnout™ CRASH! follows much of the same principle, but takes more of a top-down approach and in the iOS incarnation, players “use swipe-and-tap controls to steer vehicles, trigger explosions and rack-up scores across 3 game modes, 18 traffic junctions, 54 events, and 6 themed locations”. This looks like a blast (no pun intended), now the only question is, do I wait for the inevitable EA sale price.

Last, but certainly not least is Crow, the debut title from newcomers Sunside. This story-driven, action-adventure game has been receiving a phenomenal amount of pre-release buzz for its amazing visuals and 3D world built via Sunside’s own Radiance platform. Being a huge adventure game fan, I think this is probably my top pick for the week, I cannot wait to see what all the buzz is about.

Now it’s your turn, which (if any) of these titles will YOU be picking up this week?

Fighter City

StickWars 3

Aero Vacation
Chillingo Ltd

Got Cow?
David Miller

DevilDark: The Fallen Kingdom
Triniti Interactive Limited

Max Payne Mobile
Rockstar Games

DOFUS : Battles 2

DOFUS : Battles 2 HD

Burnout™ CRASH!
Electronic Arts

Sunside Inc.