Melbourne Australia-based Annex Products, first made a name for itself with its Kickstarter supported, Opena® iPhone 4 case, which featured a slide-out bottle opener giving you easy access to a frosty beverage anytime you needed it.

Well Annex Products is back with the all-new Playa™ Case which they claim offers “ultimate protection for the iPhone and its user”.

It is a Polycarbonate hard shell case for the iPhone 4/4S which features a “discrete storage compartment” on the back. This rear slider compartment is capable of carrying two condoms “in complete privacy”. However, they may want to rethink that big “Playa” stamp on the back as it kind of defeats the discretion.

Male or female, now you can always carry protection with you in a discrete and secure way so you can be safe no matter where the night takes you. Not a Playa? Then this case is probably not for you, although it looks like the storage space might be big enough to hold some folded bills or a couple credit cards as well.

Check out this hilarious promotional video.

“Annex Products™ has always prided itself on developing strong, reliable protection solutions for the iPhone,” says Annex Products™ co-owner, Robert Ward. “With the Playa™ Case, we have taken protection to another level, for the iPhone user, and not just the phone itself,” Ward says.

The Playa™ Case will be available later this summer for a retail price of $29.95. You will have a choice of black, white and pink (condoms sold separately). For more info or to be notified when the case is released, visit the official Playa™ Case site.