MICROI_DS_GREENTo celebrate the launch of Syberia Part 1 on iOS, French development studio, Microids has dropped the price of their entire lineup of iOS adventure games.

Originally released for the PC in 2002, this adventure game series already has two parts, with a third part currently being written.
Today the series makes its iOS debut thanks to publisher Big Fish Games.

The series follows Kate Walker, young ambitious New York lawyer turned unplanned adventurer in a quest to find a brilliant and mysterious inventor. While visiting France to close the sale of a large manufacturing estate, the estate’s owner turns up dead and Kate must search for the hidden heir. “Delve into a mechanical wonderland filled with puzzles and surprises, on a journey that reaches far into the imagination”

Syberia – Part 1 is free-to-try with the full adventure unlockable via IAP.

For a limited time, you can grab any of their iPhone releases for 99¢ or iPad/Universal releases for $2.99.

Watch this gameplay video for Syberia – Part 1 (caution, contains spoilers) and check out the deals below: